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Shark Steam Mop Utilises Steam Power to clean all kinds of mess on your Hard-Surface Floors. Simply fill it with Tap Water, Plug it in, and in just 30 seconds, you are ready to go!

Steam is the nature’s purest and most powerful cleaner for safely cleaning your home,
Without the using harsh chemicals, so it’s perfectly ecological, and also saves money spent on costly abrasives.

Eliminates dirt instead of moving it around like traditional mops,
As the Steam Power kills dust mites and bacteria.

The handle activates the steam pump, producing powerful "Steam as you Clean" technology.
The superheated steam breaks down the dirt instantly, and then the Shark steam pad with its millions of microscopic steam-saturated fibres lifts and locks the dirt inside.
The steam evaporates immediately leaving your floors dry almost instantly.

The Shark Mop combines the power of hot steam cleaning with a triple action microfiber pad to loosen, lift and lock dirt in place.
It's Lightweight (3 lbs), easy to operate and safe on Vinyl, Linoleum and Hardwood Floors.

The Shark steam mop Obliterates tough grime, Disintegrates scuff marks, Melts away sticky messes, Absorbs muddy footprints, and Much More.

Eliminates mop wringing and carrying water buckets. The Shark is Non-toxic, and no chemicals are left behind.

The pressure generated by the steam loosens dirt on the surface while the microfiber pad wipes the grime away.
The included microfiber pads immediately removes filth once it gets in contact with the surface.
These pads are superabsorbent, meaning that your floors would stay dry.

What would you get when you buy the Shark Mop?

  • Shark Mop Steamer
  • 2 Microfiber Machine Washable Pads
  • Instruction Manual
  • One Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

The Euro Pro Shark Steam Mop Dimensions are: 7" deep, 11" wide, 47" high.

Our Customer Reviews:

"I love. My floors are immaculate and clean in less than five minutes.
I'm telling everyone I know to purchase one of these. It beats a mop and cleaning solution anyday.
Fun to use and easily mops up any mess!"

"awesome! I have a very large ceramic tile kitchen which took 40 minutes to wet mop.
The Shark cuts my time in half and leaves my floor spotless.
Plus I have a puppy who still has occassional accidents - so I love the the fact that the mop kills the germs,
As I clean up his area in a jiffy and know the germs are gone! It's a gem!"

"I have a 1800 square feet one story home with hardwood and limestone floors.
With two large dogs and an 18 month old, I decided to give the Shark Steam Mop a try. I absolutely LOVE it!
With another baby on the way, I love that my house doesn't smell like cleaning solution."

"I just bought today after seeing the many infomercials about it. at first I was hesitant, but am I glad that I did!
I have White tile in my foyer and kitchen and with four kids, a dog and a husband, and it wasn't very white anymore.
I would sweep and mop everyday to try to stay on top of keeping the floor looking good but I was not successful.
The shark steam mop worked wonders, it got all the hidden, deep down dirt and grime out of the tile and it is gleaming all over again.
I definitely would recommend this mop, it does work and it is worth the money.
I had no trouble pushing the mop or with taking the pad off and the handle was very sturdy. My life just got a little easier today!"

"I have purchased this product becuase I am tired of the old mop, bucket, and cleaning solutions.
I found this product easy enough to use that my 10 year-old could use it without making a mess!
I definitely recommend this product."

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